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News in our cattery

  • 25.6.2024
    All kittens from the litter I3 are booked and they are waiting departure to their new homes.

  • 10.4.2024
    We have new kittens, born 28th March - two black golden shaded (one female and one male), and one silver shaded girl. Kittens will be available in the end of June.

  • 14.3.2024
    All kittens from the litter H3 are booked and they are waiting their departure to new homes. We will have another litter of golden and silver kittens in the end of March.

  • 11.2.2024
    Kittens from the litter H3 are growing very well, unfortunately we lost one kitten soon after birth.
    We still have one male kitten free!

  • 6.1.2024
    21th December born 5 beautifull kittens - 3 males and 2 females.

  • 20.11.2023
    We hope to have another litter of silver kittens - they will born before Christmas.

  • 17.1.2023
    We have new silver kittens - 2 males and 1 female!

  • 22.11.2022
    All kittens from the litter F3 are in their new homes - a litter of silver kittens should born in the beginning of January!

  • 6.9.2022
    We have new kittens! 11.8. born two black golden shaded girls - their mother is Golden Chloe zur Sternenbucht.

  • 28.6.2022
    All kittens from the litter E3 are in their new homes - we expect another kittens in August!

  • 6.4.2022
    Queen has 4 beautifull kittens - 2 females and 2 males. Kittens will be availables in the end of June.

  • 14.3.2022
    Silver shaded kittens will born in the end of March!

  • 15.12.2021
    I wish Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all my friends and owners of my kittens!

  • 11.6.2021
    We have a new kitten in our cattery – Chloe zur Sternenbucht from Germany.

  • 19.4.2021
    All kittens are in their new homes. I am planning next litters in autumn.

  • 3.2.2021
    All kittens from liters C and D are booked, we are planning next kittens in autumn.

  • 29.12.2020
    We have new kittens – litters C3 and D3!

  • 23.11.2020
    We have new cat in our cattery – black silver shaded Queen Icee od Vlčí Hory. She is still a nice baby but I hope to have first silver kittens in the future. By the end of this year I hope to have two litters of golden kittens (fom Golden Whitney and Zoe Happycat)

  • 8.2.2020
    All kittens from the litter B3 are in their new homes, I am planning next kittens in the end of summer.

  • 6.1.2020
    All kittens from the lter B3 are booked and they are waiting their departure to their new homes.

  • 29.10.2019
    Golden Whitney has 5 nice kittens! (3 boys and 2 girls)

  • 28.10.2019
    All kittens from the litter A3 are booked and they are waiting their departure to new homes.

  • 23.8.2019
    We have new kittens! Roxy Happycat has 7 beautifull babies – we don´t know their colours, but I suppose that most of them will be longhair.

  • 23.04.2019
    All kittens from the litter Z are with their new owners (except Zoe who stays in my cattery). Gloria Shansel moved to her new family where she will live as a only cat in the home.

  • 28.02.2019
    All kittens from litters Y and Z are booked.

  • 21.01.2019
    We have golden kittens – 3 girls and 2 boys, born 14th January 2019.

  • 04.01.2019
    Our cat family has two new members – mainecoon boy Charlie and a blue spotted kitten from the litter X Xanthia. We have five new kittens from Gloria, born 1 st January (three males and two females).

  • 4.12.2018
    All kittens from the litter X are already sold and they are waiting their departure to their new homes.
    Next kittens (colorpoints) should born in the end of December, golden kittens in the middle of January.

  • 29.10.2018
    Roxy has three kittens (two blue girls and one boy black tabby).

  • 2.1.2018
    All kittens from litter W are in their new homes. I hope that they will have a wonderfull life in their new families! We are planning another kittens in summer.

  • 2.1.2018
    Nearly all kittens from litter W found their new owners –they are waiting for second vaccination and departure to their new homes.

  • 31.10.2017
    Gloria has 6 kittens – 3 boys and 3 girls, it is not possible to recognize their colours now ...

  • 12.9.2017
    All kittens from litter U are booked (and some of them in their new homes). Very nice blue golden kittens from litter V are available!

  • 1.8.2017
    Golden Whitey has 4 kittens – 3 blue golden shaded boys and 1 blue golden tabby girl.

  • 21.6.2017
    Ebi Kai has 4 beautifull kittens – 3 girls and 1 boy!

  • 25.5.2017
    We will have kittens! Ebi Kai will have babies in the second half of June – it will be her last litter.
    If you want have a beautifull colorpoint kittens, don´t hesitate and write me!

  • 8.3.2017
    ll kittens from the litter “T” are booked and they are waiting departure to their new homes - I hope to have another kittens in summer.

  • 30.1.2017
    Kittens from the litter “T” are growing, they are very nice and sweet – one boy is cinnamonpoint! I hope that he will find his new home with a lover of unusual colours.

  • 17.12.2016
    Gloria has 6 beautifull kittens!

  • 26.11.2016
    All kittens from the litter S are in their new homes except beautifull Suzanne, who will stay in my cattery.

  • 20.9.2016
    All kittens from the litter R are sold except Roxy who will stay in our cattery.

  • 30.8.2016
    We have two litters now – four colorpoints (two boys and two girls) and four golden (three boys and one girl)

  • 22.7.2016
    Ebi Kai has 4 nice kittens (2 boys and 2 girls), Golden Whitney will have kittens in the end of August.

  • 8.4.2016
    All kittens from litter Q are in their new homes, I hope that they will have long and happy life! All my cats are in heat now, but they must wait, because we are planning next litter in July.

  • 24.2.2016
    Today died our lovely cat Callistó Laetitia – she was 12 years old. She made us happy during all her life – many thanks to her breeder Marcela Brůhová.

  • 14.02.2016
    All kittens from the litter “P” are in their new homes.

  • 06.01.2016
    We have next litter of kittens – Golden Whitney 1.1. gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens – 2 males blue golden shaded, 2 females black golden shaded and 2 males black golden shaded.

  • 27.11.2015
    Died today our beloved Maine Coon male Zodiac od Vajgaru – he was 15 years and nearly 4 months old. He had long been ill, but bravely endured all the hardships, until it was finally betrayed kidneys. We will all miss him very much, terribly we lack at home.

  • 19.11.2015 - Kittens
    13.11. Gloria gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens – probably 3 boys and 1 girl. Expected colors fawn and cinnamon point, will be specified later.

  • 05.10.2015 - Kittens
    All kittens from O litter are already booked, Orlando found amazing family in Morava. Oxanna has little bit discolored to us, it seems to be silver, so we will try BLH b 21 33 color – Perhaps her coloring will be confirmed on the first show. Golden Whitney nda Gloria Shansel were on mating, I hope that at least one succeeded and I can look forward to the November kittens.

  • 29.09.2015 - Kittens
    All kittens from O litter (expect of Orlando male cat) found its new owners who are impatiently waiting for them to be able to take them home.

  • 30.07.2015 - Kittens
    Our cat family spread again – Ebi Kai delivered 21st July 6 kittest – 2 females and 4 males. If you are interested in beautiful pet or kitty (even for breeding), do not hasitate to contact me.

  • 23.07.2015 - Kittens
    Gloria gave birth to one kitty 23.6. - it´s a girl Nicol. Unfortunately, her mother care for the kitten does not say anything, so I had to lick into shape singleton itself - she is a big pet and she will stay at home with us.

  • 02.06.2015 - Kittens, Females
    Gloria and Ebi Kai were both on mating by Kaia Happycat, we hope that will be kittens soon!

  • 10.12.2014 - Kittens
    All golden kittens from the litter M already have new owners and are waiting only for be able to go into the world.
    All lovers of cats (especially those from the cattery Happycat!) I wish a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • 5.10.2014 - Kittens
    We have kittens!!! Golden Whitney has delivered 4 beautiful kittens golden kittens, more in KITTENS.

  • 19.9.2014 - Females
    Granny's Pupett on a string (Mimi) undergone a castration and left to her new owners new home - as the only cat in home she escaped from difficulties between others and I hope, there is a long and lovefull life waiting for her.

  • 23.7.2014 - Females
    We have new female cat!!! After a long journey arrived from Moscow Gloria of Shansel in my desired color fawnpoint. She is already little more than a kitten, but our cat kennel accepted her without a problem and I hope that with us she quickly becomes comfortable.

  • 11.6.2014 - Kittens
    Kittens are slowly leaving to their new homes. Unfortunately we do not expect another puppies yet, maybe on summer holidays.

  • 1.5.2014 - Kittens
    A great photo making took place today, not everybody liked it, but the results are brilliant. Kittens grow up splendidly, have the meat yet eaten and the next week the first vaccination will be made.

  • 12.4.2014 - Kittens
    We already know the kittens' colors, early photos and more in "KITTENS".

  • 15.3.2014 - Kittens
    Three beautiful kittens were born to our Ebi Kai – two girls and a boy. They are all in „white mouse“ color now, final colors will be distinguished in 14 days.

  • 20.11.2013 - Kittens
    Both male cats are in new homes.

  • 18.09.2013 - Kittens
    We added new photos of kittens, we have available pretty male in bluepoint, he will be perfect for breeding too.

  • 18.08.2013 - Kittens
    Males are growing beautifully, the colors are not quite sure, but one is probably after the mother sealpoint and the second after the father fawnpoint.

  • 28.07.2013 - We have kittens!!!
    Today was born to our Mimi Granny's Puppett on a string and Calvin two beautiful kittens – boys. It's impossible to say yet, what color they'll have, but I hope, that at least one will be after his father (fawnpoint).

  • 19.05.2013 - Male
    With Calvin we visited a cat show in Prague - he was completed his last CAC and he became an Champion! Although the male again behaved perfectly, other exhibitions I already will not bother him.

  • 23.03.2013 - Females
    We spent the weekend on a trip in Germany, where we brought a new beautiful black golden shaded cat named Whitney. Meanwhile, slowly acquainted with our numerous menagerie, I hope she will soon get used to with us.

  • 10.03.2013 - Shows
    At show in Prague got male cat Calvin another CAC and he was very kind.

  • 17.02.2013 - Shows
    At show in Prague - Diplomat hotel - got Ebi Kai Crazy blue last CAGCIB and she is grandinterchampion, male cat Calvin was brave (even though it was his first show) and got CAC.

  • 12.01.2013 - Males
    Our cat pack was growing up again - we have new male cat Calvin of Shansel in rare color fawnpoint, imported from Russia. I hope to dwell with us soon and will finally have a permanent home.

  • 17.10.2012 - Kittens
    Our males kittens Irwin a Indigo already moved to a new home - they will live together, so they certainly will not be sad, now gone to a new family also Inge. Isabella is waiting on the road next Friday to Moravia, Irene has on his trip to Moscow due to the vaccination wait until the end of November.

  • 16.09.2012 - Our pets
    To our family came a new pet - Bernese Mountain female dog Brilliance Brittany of dog kennel named Shaggyguard (for us is she named Bettynka). She is non-standard blue-eyed, but to our blue-eyed cats is she fabulously fit. I hope that she will be with us prosper and will grow nicely!

  • 03.09.2012 - Kittens
    Kittens are growing up beautifully, eat canned food and perfectly go to toilets. Finally, we also have beautiful pictures - can be seen in section Kittens.

  • 18.07.2012 - Kittens
    Ebi Kay Crazy blue was born 6 kittens – according to the first research are they 2 boys and 4 girls (yet will be specified), currently they have a unified design of "white mouse", but probably will be all chocolate tabby.

  • 05.07.2012 - Our pets
    On the acute leukemia, died our beloved female Bernese dog Bella (Isis Roza Berner), she was only 5 years.

  • 17.06.2012 - Females
    Poor Ginger did´t wait a new home, she died on the 3rd day after castration...

  • 14.06.2012 - Kittens, Females
    All kittens are already sold and up to Harriet, which awaits the trip to Hungary, they are by their new owners. I hope it will be nice place for them and new homes will only make them happy! To new home is also going our female Ginger - our cats ever hurt her, so I decided let her castrate and find her a new home where she could live peacefully and without any fights.

  • 01.06.2012 - Kittens
    Kittens are ready to leave to their new homes, a beautiful kitty Harriet is available again.

  • 11.04.2012 - Shows, Kittens
    On show in Hradec Králové (CZ) Ebi Kai won CAGCIB – one more left to become a grandinterchampion! Kittens grow well, one male turn out to be a female…

  • 11.03.2012 - Kittens
    Five beautiful kittens were born to our Granny's Puppet on a string (Mimi). We'll come with the counts of girls and boys early.

  • 04.03.2012 - Females
    Ebi Kai got another CAGCIB on the show in Prague..

  • 28.02.2012 - Our pets
    Sad news – Elsa bluecreme von Wernerwald died on kidney failure at the age of near 11 years.

  • 19.02.2012 - Females
    On the show in Prague took place besides Ebi Kai also Ginger (for the first time) – she bore show hardships bravely and got Exc. 1; Ebi got another CAGCIB.

  • 22.01.2012 - Females
    On show in Prague Ebi Kai was liked to Mr. Wittich very much and got another CAGCIB.

  • 04.01.2012 - Kittens
    The beginning of the year spent Puppet beside a tomcat – I've finally chosen a mighty Harry vom Koberland (Ebi Kai' father). I hope in successful matting and in the middle of March beautiful kittens are expected.

  • 27.11.2011 - Females
    Ebi Kay got another CAGCIB on the show in Lysa nad Labem.

  • 07.11.2011 - Kittens
    All the kittens (except Ginger, who stays home) are all already in new homes.

  • 22.10.2011 - Kittens
    Last two weekends were we with Ebi Kai on shows: the last one in Prague, this one in Weidenu (Germany). Everytime she got CAGCIB, even though she isn't in an optimal condition after having babys. Kittens are slowly preparing to their new homes, only black female Gabriela is available yet.

  • 10.10.2011 - Females
    Message from Hungary has been recieved: Francesca Happycat won Best in Show! I hope, she'll keep winning in adult class too.

  • 16.09.2011 - Kittens
    We have beautiful photos of our current kittens, pussycat Ginger is really in a fawn color – this color is admited by FIFE since 1. 1. 2012, so you'll be able to obtain titles on shows.

  • 05.09.2011 - Kittens
    The last one tomcat out of the litter F left to his new owners, hope he'll get used to them early. Kittens of the litter G are growing up nicely. It was showed, that everyone is a female! I'm not certain about a color of one kitten (lila or fawn), but all of them a carrying cinnamon colour gene (color newly admited by FIFE since 1. 1. 2012).

  • 15.08.2011 - Kittens
    Kittens from the litter F are (except Fabien) in new homes. I hope, that a new loving family will be found for the last one kitten soon. He misses his siblings, but he likes feeding and trains sleeping in our bed.

  • 37.07.2011 - Kittens
    Four kittenswere born to Mimi (Granny's Puppet on a string). Instead of expected cannamon colors were born 1 black, 2 blue and 1 lila(?) kitten.

  • 14.07.2011 - Kittens
    Our beautiful kitty Francesca is available again, I hope that we find a buyer, who'll want her to a breed and for shows.

    Tomcat Francis left to his new owners yesterday, hope he gets used to a new home quickly.

  • 06.06.2011 - Kittens
    Kittens passed first vaccination successfuly and began to exoplore the whole house. Francesca is booked and will move to Budapest soon, males are still waiting fo new owners.

  • 09.05.2011 - Kittens
    Kittens grow up, have a look at our first (imperfect) photos in kittens category.

  • 05.04.2011 - Kittens
    31. 3. 2011 were born 4 kittens to Ebi Kai – 3 males and 1 female.

  • 16.01.2011 - Shows
    On the show in Prague Ebi Kai got her last CACIB and became an interchampion.

  • 19.12.2010 - Shows
    On a show in Prague got Ebi Kai another CACIB and I found her a fiancé there – have a look at section KITTENS. I hope, that Ebi will like it too and we will undertake a covering soon.

  • 07.12.2010 - Our pets
    I definitively decided, that Ernest stays home… he is simply my darling (added into „our pets“).

  • 21.11.2010 - Shows
    We set off with Ebi Kai for show in Vienna – she was really successful and got her first CACIB.

  • 18.10.2010 - Females
    Ebi Kai is a champion! Now, we will only find a beautiful bridegroom and we can happily wait for kittens.

  • 4.10.2010 - Females
    Ebi Kai celebrates her first birthday, he has already successfully passed first shows in adult class.

  • 12.7.2010 - Females
    All the cats (including Ernest, who is available yet) enjoyed holiday on a cottage – we have added new photos.

  • 27.6.2010 - Kittens
    All the kittens (except Ernest) are with their's new owners, the last male are diligently working on staying with us permanently and he is doing pretty well – but if some extraordinary likeable new master will be found, we might give him up.

  • 30.5.2010 - Kittens
    Emily and Etien left to their new homes, Ellie is going to leave us in 2 weeks to Belin.

  • 4.5.2010 - Kittens
    Our kittens are growing well, they have passed first vaccination. Ellie and Etien are booked, but Emily and Etien are still available (both with choco points).

  • 21.3.2010 - Shows
    Ebi Kai was on her first show – she got a great judgement and was nominated to BIS. She put with show suffering bravely up, I hove it will hold her on.

  • 28.2.2010 - Kittens
    Four kittens were born to our colorpoint cat Mimi (Granny's Puppet on a string). According to the first research they are 2 girls and 2 boys. In the meanwhile they look like small mice.

  • 27.12.2009 - Females
    We have a new cat! We gave us a christmas present: cat female Ebi Kai Crazy blue – she is beautiful and we hope that she will be successful on shows.

  • 24.11.2009 - Kittens
    Kittens passed throught a re-vaccination and now they are ready to go to new homes.

  • 14.11.2009 - Shows
    On a show in Pardubice got Mimi (Granny's Puppet on a string) the last CACIB and became an interchampion.

  • 17.10.2009 - Shows
    17.10.2009 Puppett won another CACIB on the show in Prague.

  • 5.9.2009 - Shows
    The trip to Bratislava was succesful, Puppett got her first CACIB.

  • 1.9.2009 - Kittens
    4 kittens were born to our Zita - 3 lilac and one chocolate. Form the first view they are 2 lilac males, 1 lilac and 1 chocolate female.

  • 26.7.2009 - Shows
    On the show in Prague Puppett won her last CAC for Champion.

  • 12.7.2009 - Shows
    On the show in Ústí n. Labem Puppett won another CAC.

  • 30.6.2009 - Kittens
    Another visit by beautiful male Alfa Tergy was succesfulland we hope everything will be OK so we can have nice chocolate kittens on the end of August.

  • 13.6.2009 - Shows
    13.6. we were on show in Bratislava. Zita won her last CAGCIB for grandinterchampion and her little friend Puppet was first time in open class and won CAC.

  • 17.5.2009 - Shows
    On show in Most was Zita Happycat very successfull besides CAGCIB she won Best in variety and nomination on BIS! We were very happy about these results...

  • 23.4.2009 - Kittens
    We plan kittens. More at kittens.

  • 4.4.2009 - Shows
    After little troubles with entry we took part on show in Weinboehla (Germany) - they put our chocolate cat Zita among lilac cats, nevertheless we took CAGCIB.

  • 22.3.2009 - Shows
    We succeeded on the Prague show, Zita Happycat won CAGCIB.

  • 15.2.2009 - Shows
    Zita Happycat and our colorpoint baby were presented on the show in Prague - more can be found in FEMALES section.

  • 15.12.2008 - Kittens, Shows
    5.12. Male Colin left to the new home. 14.12. Zita Happycat has won her first CAGCIB and Best in variety on Prag Cat Show.

  • 14.11.2008 - Kittens
    All kittens are reserved, Bella, Bert and Casper are already in their new houses, Colin stays to pass exomphalocele oparation.

  • 10.11.2008 - Females
    We have imported new cat from Germany - Granny´s Puppet on a string (sealpoint - BRI n 33) - she is very beautifull and has cinnamon color gen (still not accepted by FIFE). More in Cat's section.

  • 3.11.2008 - Kittens
    Last kitten, chocolate male Colin is free, take over on the end of November

  • 2.10.2008 - Kittens
    New kittens photos.

  • 27.8.2008 - Kittens
    The 18.8.2008 two kittens from Callistó Laetitia were born. Black and brown males. Because of cesarean it is unfortunatelyher last litter...

  • 22.8.2008 - Kittens
    The 8.8.2008 two lilac kittens from Zita Happycat were born. Male Bertie and female Bella.

  • 10.6.2008 - Females, Kittens
    Zita Happycat is interchampion!

    In the first half of August kittens from IC. Zita Happycat + CH. Da Vinci z Komořanské tůně (BRI c) and GIC. Callistó Laetitia + CH. Da Vinci z Komořanské tůně will be born. We expect black, chocolat, blue and lilac colors.

  • 13.4.2008 - Females
    Zita Happycat is champion!